Lets Make Our World A Kinder Place

Starting With Our Kids.

I don’t talk about it (often) but I’ve been through an incredible journey of pain, growth, love and sorrow.

My husband fell into a coma during our first child's birth, missing her birth and suffering a traumatic brain injury; the economy crashed while I made an effort to continue my mortgage broker business; we were forced to sell our dream home our rental home was burglarized (with no renters' insurance); a dear friend and her husband died in a motorcycle accident leaving behind their 2 children; my mother (and best friend) was diagnosed with cancer and passed just 3 months later.

My relationship with my mom and grandma has reminded me that life is short, and that the most important time is right here, right now. With the world getting more digital, I wanted to make sure that my four kids – and all kids – had the opportunity to live in a world where we value each other. So I decided to turn my passion of spreading and promoting kindness into my full time job.

This is my actual story.

But thanks to amazing family, supportive friends, books, therapy, and a regular dose of Super Soul Sunday, I found ways to be grateful and survived. And now I'm even more grateful for a variety of outcomes thanks to my dark times!

I'm completely obsessed with the power of GRATITUDE, COMPASSION, and KINDNESS

These hardships made me think more deeply and appreciate more of the little things in life. I've realized that being grateful not only saved me, but actually transformed me, leaving me with a burning desire to inspire others to life a live with gratitude and purpose.

And so Kindness U was born.


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