Lets Make Our World A Kinder Place

Starting With Our Kids.

Walk of Kindness


Kindness Activist Kira is battling Cystic Fibrosis, but rather than sit back and allow bullies to get her down, she wanted to help others -- by tackling the issue head on!

Kira had to leave school, because she was picked on and couldn’t take it anymore (CF warriors are bullied due to their small stature and chronic cough). Kira entered the No bull challenge, which is a social action organization that inspires teens and young adults from around the world to take a stand against bullying and to promote digital responsibility, leadership, and social action through filmmaking. They provide the framework and motivation to develop powerful short films and public service announcements that spark dialogue about bullying, and guess what? She made it to the top 16 and will be performing at the Teen Video Awards on August 8th.

Here's the video that Kira created: 


Kira’s mom, Lisa, wrote that seeing Kira be more positive toward life has been a blessing. Lisa and her husband are proud to help share Kindness U's wonderful mission, but the truth is we are SO proud to call her a Kindness Activist -- and not only consider her a friend, but a hero.

Kira, keep smiling and shining light, love and hope to our next generation of leaders!



P.S. Talking to kids about bullying  can be a difficult topic for many parents and educators, but knowledge is one great way to help protect your children and ensure that they know they can come to you if they need help. There are several great websites that are helpful for talking to young children about bullying on our blog.



We’re thrilled to introduce you to a genuine Kindness Activist and SUPER (role) MODEL -- Sam!

Sam is passionate about her music and is an advocate for Juvenile Myositis (JM), a rare disease she was diagnosed with at 3½ years old. Sam is in her second remission of the disease and determined to make a difference in the world.

Sam, who performs under the name Penny Lane, collaborated with her father to write the song "Soldier On" in honor of all the children and families who struggle with the pain and heartbreak that Juvenile Myositis can bring.

“I want the world to know Juvenile Myositis can be a devastating disease that medical science has yet to find a way to definitively cure or prevent,” says Sam. “I also wanted those kids who have Juvenile Myositis and their families to know that there is hope despite the seemingly endless treatments and difficulties. I'm an example of that. I hope to stay one for a long time.”

The song's music video shares a message that hard things make us "soldier on." Today, through her music, Sam advocates for kids with JM and their families. She is another amazing example that it is never too early to make a mark on the world!

Let's show our support for Sam by checking out (and buying if you like!) her single Soldier on iTunes! All proceeds from Soldier On will benefit Cure JM.



We’re thrilled to introduce you to another young Kindness Activist (Kindivist) and a true SUPER (role) MODEL -- Ellery. Talk about a go-getter!

Ellery is passionate about her music -- she is a classical pianist and flutist, and plays guitar -- and is an advocate for Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia (PCD), a rare disease she was born with. In PCD, the little hairs that line your airways in your ears, sinuses and lungs don't work, resulting in irreversible lung scarring.

For Ellery this disease and adversity were an inescapable avenue of discovery. She discovered a passion for performance and a profound ability to speak to people in their deepest hardship. Her poems, songs, and life example continuously bring hope to those suffering around her. Experience bestows gifts after all, and for Ellery these gifts were the priceless power of perseverance and the passion to share a message that hard things make us Stronger Than Before.

Today, through her website Ellery’s Life, Ellery advocates for girls, women -- anyone, really -- to reach for their dreams and pursue life with a passion uninhibited.

Ellery is another amazing example that it is never too early to become a Kindness Activist!

Let's show our support for Ellery by checking out (and buying if you like!) her new single Stronger than Before (iTunes) and like her on Instagram, where she continues to inspire thousands of people daily!

Xo Marni and the Kindness U Team.

In honor of Ellery we donated  $100.00 to the PCD Foundation.


Reagan Chandler

Reagan Chandler is a 5th grader at Tolar Elementary in Texas. Three years ago she decided that instead of receiving birthday presents, she would collect shoes and donate them to the local clothes pantry. In the last three years she has coll...ected more than 80 pairs of shoes for her birthday! When asked why she wanted to begin collecting shoes she said she had everything she needed and wanted to help others.

What an AMAZING Kindness Activist! Way to go Reagan!


Never underestimate the impact of an act of kindness. Simply smiling can turn someone’s day around, and you may not know it! This KINDness ACTivist [#kindivist] made us smile, and we thought we'd share her story with all of you -- because kindness is contagious! BAM. We are so proud of Justine!

Here it is in her words: “For the next lady I see walking around town that looks down on her luck I cleaned out my drawers and I'm glad to share my clothes with someone who will put them to good use! And to everyone who says people just need to do good and not post about it, I disagree. Kindness needs to be spread everywhere! Kindness should not be silenced, because if this post encourages someone else to do something nice then bam, more people are having better days. don't silence kindness, shout it!”

Let's give some shout outs to Justine -- a true KINDness ACTivist!


Maile, Kailyn, and Landon

Meet three INSPIRING kids who prove it's never too early to start making your mark on the world! They've got tons of friends they inspire daily -- like me! -- and here's why: They are Kind. Kind. Kind. You know, the kinda kids you want your kids to hang with!

Maile, 12, Kailyn, 9, and Landon, 7, are over-the-moon kind cousins (the "kind" gene must run in the family!) who show their passion for kindness through their organization OPEN.

OPEN inspires kids and families to get involved in completing at least one activity a month that helps kids (and their parents!) think about others first and learn about their community. Maile, Kailyn and Landon want everyone and anyone to be a part of these activities!  They are OPEN!

"I like the feeling of helping others," says Maile. "It's nice to include all different people in the community to help the less fortunate"

Through OPEN, Maile, Kailyn and Landon have led incredible efforts to raise kindness awareness, including pet parades at a senior apartment complex, cleaning up local schools, conducting a food drive and delivering bags of goodies to a local family shelter.

And now it's time for a round of applause [LIKES up the wazoo!] -- Let's hear it for Maile, Kailyn and Landon!


Kendall Keely

Ready for a proud mama moment? This is a true story from a Kindness U mama fan:

My daughter, Kendall, heard my husband and I talking about a Christmas list for a family we adopted in Oakland, and how we would get everything on their list except for an iPod Touch. A few hours later, she came home from soccer practice in tears, telling me that she doesn't want any presents this year and that we should take that money and buy the iPod Touch for the little girl in Oakland.  I was totally shocked because she loves her presents, but am overwhelmed by her thoughtfulness and selflessness. Kindness IS contagious!!!

We are so proud of you, Kendall! XO Mom and Dad