Lets Make Our World A Kinder Place

Starting With Our Kids.


We’re currently looking for retailers interested in carrying our products. We'd love to chat about your store and see if a wholesale relationship is a kind fit! We know that doing good makes us happy and offering some sort of social good element used to be a 'nice to have' in a business plan, but today it's essential to a brand's DNA.

Creating a positive impact on the world is no longer an afterthought; it's at the core of every successful business. Companies without a social good element integrated into the business model fail to connect authentically with their consumers. So we donate a portion of every sale to a charity in need!

Let us know the following:

  1. Will you be selling online or in a brick & mortar store.
    (if online, please include a link to your website )
  2. What products are you interested in carrying?

We look forward to hearing from with you! Email: marnirivera@kindnessu.com

See our products here: Kindness U Store