Become a Kindness Activist

Here at Kindness U, we talk a lot about how important it is to make the world a kinder place. And we know that sounds like a really big job. That’s why we created our "kindness activist" program.

But what does it mean EXACTLY to be a Kindness Activist?

It means you feel it is a MUST to make this world a kinder place! It means it's in every nook and cranny of your being to do whatever you can whenever you can to spread kindness wherever you go – in deeds both small and humongous! And it means you are eager to spread the message of kindness to as many people as possible so you create more and more Kindness Activists in our world.

When you become a Kindness Activist, you’ll receive inspirational stories and tips through our kindness newsletter.

From tips to combat bullying to ideas for random acts of kindness, you’ll have actionable tools and plans to make this world one you’re proud to be a part of.