Lets Make Our World A Kinder Place

Starting With Our Kids.


Doing the Right Actions

This video is riveting and beautiful! You'll want to watch it -- again and again!!

It's only a few minutes long -- and jam-packed with golden nuggets of inspiration and information delivered in poetic form.

“Our government builds twice as many prisons as schools.”

“It's easier to find a Big Mac than an apple -- and when you do find the apple it's been genetically processed and modified."

If you can, watch this video with your children -- I did with mine.  One thing that got us talking -- how so many people love to watch videos about the misfortunes of others, and how those videos tend to go viral!

I love to share inspiring videos like this one with my kids, so important, positive thoughts are what's top of mind and top of heart for them!

Let's teach our kids to want to focus on what's good in our world -- and focus on what they can do to bring more good into our world.

As the video reminds: “Too many people want 15 seconds of fame over a lifetime of meaning and purpose -- because what's popular is more important than what's right.”

Watch the video with a special kid in your life and share a potentially life-shifting conversation!  Let's teach our kids to want what's right - and to prioritize doing the right actions.

Share this with any family and friends who might be interested in raising high integrity kids :)

With love and kindness,


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