Lets Make Our World A Kinder Place

Starting With Our Kids.


Kind Interns Wanted!

Kindness U is scouring the area for 5 kind and enthusiastic interns to join our team this Fall! We like people who know how to hustle (and if you know how to do the hustle, that’s even better!), and we are looking for smart, friendly, hard-working people to help us. Only Kindness Activists -- those with other peoples' best interests at heart -- [...] Read more

Do the poor give more?

This video is eye-opening - and a must-watch! Even thought it's only a few minutes long - it will stay with you for a long, long time - it's that powerful. Spoiler Alert: The video shows how the poor give more - even though they have less to give. Perhaps it has to do with how the poor can truly empathize with others who are in need. Curious why [...] Read more