Lets Make Our World A Kinder Place

Starting With Our Kids.


Have you eaten at Tender Greens? Today was my first time, and I’m blown away!

From the minute I walked in I felt a vibe that I was with my tribe -- you know that feeling when something just makes you happy? That's what I was feeling!

I told the staff at the door that I was a newby and they led the way. One of the ladies that worked there was particularly friendly, and even purchased a treat for our lunch! I was both excited and surprised! Who doesn’t love a random act of kindness? (Especially me!) I happened to have a copy of our #kindnessrules in my bag and gave it to her. She was THRILLED and couldn’t wait to run back and share it with her co-workers! Well, guess what?

I’m going to buy a poster-sized Kindness Rules, and bring in enough copies for you and all of your co-workers! YOU MADE MY DAY! It’s because of companies like this, and people like their staff, that I have great faith in humanity. I love you!

If you don’t know about Tender Greens, watch this short video that’s up on my blog. I love their story and want the world to know what an awesome CONSCIOUS company this is! You, my friends, are also making the world a kinder place, and for that I’m grateful! xoxox


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