Lets Make Our World A Kinder Place

Starting With Our Kids.


Why does kindness matter? Let’s take a closer look.

Kindness is Good Medicine You wouldn’t dream of skipping your child’s annual well child visit, would you? Just as routine checkups, screenings and immunizations offer proactive measures for raising physically healthy kids, kindness care is preventative medicine for your child's emotional health. With bullying so rampant today -- both face-to-face [...] Read more

7 Easy Things We Should Teach our Kids

Academics are important. One of the reasons we send our kids to school is to connect them with professional teachers who will help them acquire the knowledge and skills they’ll need in life. But that isn’t the only reason. In a perfect world, parents and teachers would be partners in educating both the minds and the hearts of our kids. But too [...] Read more



I’ve been asked 3 times this week by readers of my blog: why do people call me “YELLOW"? So I'm taking these questions as a sign for me to share my story! Not only is yellow my favorite color, which I consider the most cheery color (and I've been told I am the most cheery human being anyone knows! Ha … snarf!), but truth be told it’s the color of [...] Read more

Kindness Recipe

Tips on raising kinder kids courtesy of The Great Good Science Center

Is your teenager grouchy? Does your little one have a cold? Research shows that kindness is a sure route to greater happiness and, in some cases, improved health. Here are five ways to raise kinder kids: Model kindness yourself. Kindness can be contagious: when we see someone else perform an act of kindness, we are more likely to feel an impulse [...] Read more

Celebrating Kindness Today and Every Day

We all want the same thing: happy, brave, wise, courageous and inspired kids. What do all of these kids have in common? They give and receive kindness. And while kindness matters every day, the observance of World Kindness Day on November 13 gives parents, teachers, friends, and caregivers the chance to highlight the importance of practicing [...] Read more

Doing the Right Actions

This video is riveting and beautiful! You'll want to watch it -- again and again!! It's only a few minutes long -- and jam-packed with golden nuggets of inspiration and information delivered in poetic form. “Our government builds twice as many prisons as schools.” “It's easier to find a Big Mac than an apple -- and when you do find the apple it's [...] Read more

30 Things I want my kids to know

Holy Sh*t. Life can be hard. I’m sorry for that naughty word, but life can sometimes bring out the expletives – even in the most non-expletive-type of person, like myself. I know I’m not alone. I know we all have our “Holy Sh*t” Stories. For example… Your husband might end up in a coma during your first child’s birth, and suffer a traumatic brain [...] Read more

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