Lets Make Our World A Kinder Place

Starting With Our Kids.


Kind Interns Wanted!

Kindness U is scouring the area for 5 kind and enthusiastic interns to join our team this Fall! We like people who know how to hustle (and if you know how to do the hustle, that’s even better!), and we are looking for smart, friendly, hard-working people to help us. Only Kindness Activists -- those with other peoples' best interests at heart -- [...] Read more

Do the poor give more?

This video is eye-opening - and a must-watch! Even thought it's only a few minutes long - it will stay with you for a long, long time - it's that powerful. Spoiler Alert: The video shows how the poor give more - even though they have less to give. Perhaps it has to do with how the poor can truly empathize with others who are in need. Curious why [...] Read more

Teaching Kindness To Children To Help The World #OWNSHOW

Our OWNer of the week, Marni Rivera, shares a personal story about her daughter earning a kindness award from Oprah herself! She's making the world a kinder place beginning with her children. #OWNSHOW is a digital exclusive web-show on Oprah.com. Packaged into stackable moments, the show brings together stories, life-tips, and personalities from [...] Read more

Catch Kids Doing Something Good

Are you familiar with the game “Doorbell Ditch”? Or many you know it as Knock-Down-Ginger, Ding-Dong-Doorbell Ditch and Knock-Knock Run! I remember playing Doorbell Ditch for hours. I’d only stop when I got caught - or my dad whistled that it was time to come inside. If you never played this game, it involves knocking on the front door (or ringing [...] Read more

The Kindness Movement

I was asked recently to share the story of how Kindness U got was born, and let me tell you – it’s a sad story… …But if you’re wondering, I’m going to share the very personal story on how and why Kindness U was born. This story reveals an important insight into why I was able to become so motivated to join the Kindness movement! Here’s what [...] Read more

The Science of Character

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